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Founded in 2009 Herndonwood Associates is a privately held consulting firm which has strategically aligned its service areas to generate an overlap of skills providing insight across key business functions. This allows Herndonwood to deliver complete solutions to business problems that require a cross-functional solution. Herndonwood's responsive teams have a combination of public accounting and relevant industry experience, advanced degrees and market-leading certifications. This distinct operating model and a proactive management style facilitate early awareness of issues and the timely presentation of recommendations allowing clients to make better-informed decisions.


Mission Statement

To be a lean and agile firm providing clients with solutions from qualified, creative and result-oriented teams at a reasonable fee. To do so, in concert with providing fair compensation to attract and retain individuals with industry sought after skills in the Technology, Compliance, Management, Audit, and Accounting and Finance fields.


Vision Statement

Our vision is to bring together a group of individuals who share a desire to perform challenging, exciting and sophisticated work in a cooperative environment.



Herndonwood Associates is a diverse group of individuals who share a commitment to:

  • Excellence and exceptional service in the handling of Technology, Audit, and Accounting and Finance on behalf of clients;

  • Open and honest communication within the firm;

  • An environment in which each individual is expected to become a critical part of Herndonwood Associates;

  • An environment that promotes, rewards and expects individual growth and contribution in a way which reflects the talents and strengths of each team member;

  • An environment which permits individual quality of life choices;

  • An environment which encourages volunteerism.


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