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Business Continuity Program Development & Support


Client Profile:

A publicly traded full-service bank with over 100 branches across Michigan, $13+ billion in assets, and is the largest publicly held savings bank headquartered in the Midwest.​


Client Challenge:

The bank’s Business Continuity Team needed assistance in meeting regulatory requirements of their program while simultaneously completing its development. The Business Continuity program was in a sustainable state, but needed work to progress to a more defined and manageable program. Steps towards these long term goals needed to be balanced with the more immediate requirements for regulatory compliance, including: a Risk Assessment at the organizational level, Business Impact Analysis (BIA) for each business unit, Business Continuity Plans (BCPs) for each business unit, and a Relocation Plan. 


Approach & Solution:

Herndonwood consultants worked with the Business Continuity Team to meet regulatory requirements, then worked to develop and refine the business continuity program.

Our services included:

  • Reviewed and edited Business Continuity Plans

  • Conducted walk-throughs of Business Continuity Plans with plan owners and coordinators

  • Gathered Business Impact Analysis data from business unit representatives

  • Aggregated Business Impact Analysis data into usable metrics for planning and reporting

  • Participated in the planning and execution of the organization-wide Risk Assessment

  • Documented the Risk Assessment for executive-level reporting, including heat maps

  • Utilized Business Impact Analysis and Risk Assessment data to support Relocation Plan elements, such as physical space and resource needs in case of an event

  • Supported the evaluation of both process and final product, and proposed revisions for, the Risk Assessment, Business Impact Analysis, and Business Continuity Plans


Business Impact:

Herndonwood provided the necessary support for the Business Continuity Team to meet regulatory requirements in the desired timeframe; documentation of all of the requirements was completed and provided to senior management, internal auditors, and external regulators. Herndonwood’s involvement with the team also resulted in improvements, including enhanced templates and documentation, which is furthering the maturity of the program.

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