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SharePoint Process Automation & Reporting


Client Profile:

A publicly traded banking and financial services provider with $800+ billion in assets, $20+ billion in revenue, 70,000+ employees and international locations.


Client Challenge:

A large automotive financial company needed to build an application to support their IT compliance vision. The application would house the company’s IT controls and testing evidence. It would also house the company’s IT audit findings and remediation plans. The application would need to automate compliance and remediation monitoring and send task notifications to compliance testers and remediation owners. It would also need dashboards and reports to be transparent to the CIO and his direct staff.

Management brought in Herndonwood to manage the resolution of the gaps because they understood the need to supplement existing staff, obtain missing skills, act quickly, and create structure around the process.

Approach & Solution:
Herndonwood consultants leveraged their experience with successful IT initiative implementations, control testing and regulatory findings to develop a solution to automate and monitor compliance.

Herndonwood services:

  • Interviewed stakeholders, including the compliance and remediation team

  • Created a requirements document

  • Developed and tested a SharePoint application

  • Branded the application

  • Created user tutorials and trained staff

  • Launched the application and provided post-launch support

  • Handed the application off to the company’s IT group for ongoing support


Business Impact:

Herndonwood created an application that realized the company’s IT compliance vision. The application provided compliance visibility to the CIO and enabled the company’s compliance team do more value added work without the burden of manual compliance and remediation monitoring. The application was rapidly adopted by the company’s staff, and positively received.

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