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Accountant at Work

Software Selection


Client Profile:

A digital promotion, customer experience and loyalty solutions firm who develops and manages some of the world’s largest, most prominent organizations digital promotion events.

Client Challenge:

Growing through acquisition placed additional, more complex requirements on their accounting needs. They were addressing the shortcomings in their accounting systems with manual workarounds and by adding additional staff members.

Management brought in Herndonwood to manage the resolution of the gaps because they understood the need to supplement existing staff, obtain missing skills, act quickly, and create structure around the process.

Approach & Solution:


Herndonwood’s solution was broken into two phases, which consisted of accounting software selection and implementation initiatives.

Herndonwood services:

  • Identified constraints, current systems, features, deliverables, interfaces, and scope

  • Worked with various stakeholders to define and prioritize their requirements

  • Developed and distributed an RFP to potential software vendors

  • Developed scenarios for vendor demonstrations and hosted the demonstrations

  • Reviewed vendor responses and scorecards and presented findings to client management

  • Tracked selected proposals and participated in vendor negotiations

  • Created an implementation strategy and completed project planning

  • Worked with stakeholders to document detailed processes and developed resulting systems requirements


Business Impact:

Herndonwood provided the expertise and insight needed for a successful system selection and implementation. The selection process identified a vendor capable of meeting the various user and systems requirements. The implementation assistance provided the vendor with configuration requirements and also developed a structured cadence of events with identified dependencies and prioritizations.

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